Covid isolation rule breaker: 'I've lost my job and people have wished me dead'

A woman found guilty of breaking Jersey's coronavirus isolation rules says her crime has led to her losing her job, her reputation being damaged, and strangers wishing she was dead. 22-year-old Carys Ingram from Manchester was last month fined £6,000 for being out in public during a visit to friends and family in the island when she should have been isolating pending Covid-19 test results.

Those results did eventually all come back negative. Speaking exclusively to ITV News, Miss Ingram says the experience has taken its toll on her mental health, especially as a result of online messages from strangers.

Some of the worst ones were your death would be better than those in a care home and others said I hope your family catch Covid and die. They were calling me selfish and stupid, ugly. The temptation to see my friends was just too much as I'd not seen them for months. It was really bad. But I know should have stayed at home. But yeah everyone makes mistakes and that's it really.

Carys Ingram

Miss Ingram's friend Hristiana Tevana says she has witnessed the impact it has had on her.

Her mental health has been very bad since the whole incident. I know she's going to get well soon but it takes time, it takes time to heal and I know she's very sad about the whole situation because she can't pay her fine, she can't afford her rent, so we're all trying to help.

Hristiana Tevana

Carys Ingram is now calling for a change in the law to protect the identities of people in her position.

She says employers only have to Google her name to find her story, making it difficult for her to find work after losing her job as a carer for people with brain injuries.