Petition started to give St Brelade's Bay coastal national park status

Petition organisers want planners to "stop earmarking the bay for large scale development". Credit: ITV Channel TV

A petition has started to protect St Brelade's Bay by designating it as a coastal national park under the new Island Plan.

The St Brelade’s Bay Association action group says these are "failing to respect intentions expressed by the States Assembly in the current Island Plan" and have "ignored" responses to public consultations which want to protect the area following a survey.

The group wants planning policies to "stop earmarking the bay for large scale development".

The petition gives Jersey’s public an opportunity to express how they feel about the failure of planning policies to ensure a treasured seaside resort is developed sensitively, with the public’s enjoyment in mind. It also allows the public to express objection to government’s process for producing planning policy generally.

Moz Scott, St Brelade’s Bay Association

Currently the Island Plan only includes the coastline either side of St Brelade's as part of the National Park.

That is because it is classed as a developed area, and therefore has been excluded alongside other built up areas such as St Aubins and Gorey.

I can see a logic for excluding it because it does set a precedent in terms of other areas round the island so if you make a case for St Brelade's Bay where does it actually stop? Are we going to end up turning the whole island into a National Park and everything is put on hold because we simply can't develop and that's not the way it can be.

Jim Hopley, Honorary Chairman, Jersey's National Park

The petition has to reach 1,000 signatures for politicians to respond.