Watchdog calls for transparency from Guernsey Electricity after licence breach

The company now has three weeks to publish the pricing information. Credit: PA

Guernsey Electricity has been found in breach of its licence by not publishing all of its charges. The island's watchdog says the company failed to publish its prices for a select number of commercial customers and has failed to show that the charges are "transparent, non-discriminatory or cost-justified".

The Guernsey Competition & Regulatory Authority (GCRA) says publication of charges is necessary for it to regulate the market and ensure all customers are paying fair prices.

The body says although it has informed the company it was acting in breach of its licence, it has not accepted its decision.

We have no view whether these special prices Guernsey Electricity charges a select group of customers are unfair or whether householders are subsidising those prices, and we are not saying GEL cannot compete. Guernsey Electricity's decision not to be transparent has however removed visibility of its pricing behaviour and this cannot be allowed to continue.

Michael Byrne, CEO of the Guernsey Competition & Regulatory Authority

Guernsey Electricity says it is "extremely disappointed" by the GCRA’s decision and the lack of a "coherent and cogent legal basis for it."

Guernsey Electricity maintains that it has been fully co-operative with the GCRA and, contrary to what the GCRA alleges, the company has been transparent during the investigation through the voluntary and extensive provision of information to the regulator. Guernsey Electricity strongly denies that it has breached its licence in any way and as alleged by the GCRA.

Alan Bates, Chief Executive Officer of Guernsey Electricity

The company now has three weeks to publish the pricing information and the GCRA says it will work with the company to determine the best format it should be provided in. Guernsey Electricity says it is considering its options including an appeal.