Guernsey politicians vote to remove Director of Civil Aviation

Guernsey politicians have voted to remove the Director of Civil Aviation from his position.

Dominic Lazarus has been accused of "gross incompetence" and "failing to provide an effective and efficient service".

In August 2020, Mr Lazarus was suspended from the role in Guernsey so that an investigation could take place. Mr Ash Nicholas is currently Acting Director of Civil Aviation and he will stay in the role until the States of Guernsey appoint a new director.

The Director of Civil Aviation is responsible for regulating the airworthiness of aircrafts, flight operations and aviation security. The role covers both Jersey and Guernsey. Mr Lazarus is on leave of absence from his role of Director of Civil Aviation in Jersey.

The Committee for Economic Development put forward an urgent proposition on Monday after the findings of the investigation were published.

On Wednesday 25 November, 27 deputies voted in favour of the proposition, one voted against, nine abstained and three deputies were absent from the debate.

Eight main allegations have been made in the report. Three of the key points are:

  • Failure to seek technical or legal advice which led to financial risks

  • Failure to communicate effectively with economic development

  • Failure to provide an effective and efficient service

Mr Lazarus will not leave the post immediately. The States Assembly has voted to remove him as a statutory official. This will be followed by a formal employment process, at the end of which, the States of Guernsey will decide whether to dismiss Mr Lazarus.

ITV Channel has attempted to contact Mr Lazarus for a response.