Jersey hospitality businesses saw 70% drop in revenues at height of lockdown

Hospitality businesses were hit especially hard by the pandemic. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Hospitality businesses in Jersey saw a drop in revenues of 70% at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, compared to the previous year.

New figures have laid bare the impact the pandemic had on the takings of bars, restaurants and hotels as the island entered lockdown in March - with the Gross Value Added (GVA) falling by 86% on 2019 figures.

Overall, private sector businesses outside of the finance sector - which make up approximately 40% of the island's economy - saw a reduction of 30% in their total revenues compared with 2019.

The construction industry saw a decline of 34% in revenues, while the transport, storage and communication sectors saw a 48% drop.

Jersey's government introduced a £150 million fiscal stimulus package to encourage consumer spending and boost the island's economy to help the island recover from the financial impacts of the pandemic.