500 trees planted by Jersey children to help tackle climate change

Children from St George's Preparatory School in Jersey have been planting 500 trees in an effort to help tackle climate change.

270 pupils, between three and 11-years-old, have been planting alongside the cycle track - between the former Les Quennevais School and Don Bridge in St Brelade.

To make it Covid safe, each year group worked in a 'bubble' as well as travelling to the site separately. One of those pupils taking part says it will help to make a big difference for the environment.

I feel like trees are very important to out planet as they remove almost 15 billion tones of carbon dioxide each year and we've also been learning about the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Isabella Gibson, Student
The youngsters have been having help along the way in an effort to combat climate change. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The planting comes after the school took big steps last year to tackle climate change.

Us as a school declared a climate emergency last autumn and we think it's important to help combat climate change, we also want to have an impact and make a difference.

Theo Springett, Student

The school's headteacher, Cormack Timothy, says it is not just the young ones who can learn something from this.

The power of young minds to transform us oldies into doing something to save the world is there. Our generation haven't done so well, these are our future, hopefully they'll protect the planet for us.

Cormack Timothy, Headteacher