Jersey an 'amazing backdrop' in Real Housewives trailer

The first trailer showing the cast members of the Real Housewives of Jersey has been released. It includes footage of them relaxing around luxurious swimming pools and attending glittering parties.

The series will be available to binge watch as a box set on the ITV Hub in December and will also screen once a week on ITVBe.

The ten-part series will see the cast members embrace all that Jersey has to offer with producers describing Jersey as a combination of St Tropez and St Ives, with everything from tranquil beaches to glitzy parties.

The seven housewives who have given unique access into their glamourous lifestyles are Ashley Cairney, Hedi Green, Jane Rayner, Kate Taylor, Mia Ledbury, Margaret Thompson and Tessa Hartmann.

Viewers will be treated to Jersey’s sweeping landscapes and natural beauty as well as plenty of drama and gossip as it explores the housewives' lives, packed with fun, laughter, tears and glamour.