Jersey's 'hospitality circuit breaker' lockdown: The new rules explained

Credit: ITV Channel TV/PA

As of 00.01am this morning (Friday 4 December), Jersey has entered a month-long 'hospitality circuit breaker' lockdown.

Until Monday 4 January 2020, all indoor fitness facilities and licensed hospitality businesses will close their doors in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The government says the measures are essential to avoid a full lockdown over Christmas - and prevent the number of active cases in the island potentially reaching 1,100 by Boxing Day.

What will close?

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All licensed hospitality businesses will be required to close their doors. This includes:

  • Bars and pubs

  • Cafes and coffee shops which hold a license to serve alcohol

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels, except for those which are providing accommodation to essential workers and people who are in self isolation

Alongside this, gyms, indoor sports facilities and physical fitness classes held indoors will have to close.

Shops will be allowed to remain open, provided they can prove that they can maintain two-metre social distancing in-store. Masks must also be worn in store and customers should practice good hand and respiratory hygiene.

Hair and beauty salons can remain open provided they keep the distance between their clients.

What support will affected businesses get?

Hospitality businesses will be closing their doors during what would normally be their busiest periods. Many were looking to Christmas parties, family meals and other festive gatherings as a way of recouping some of the losses they incurred when the island was in full lockdown earlier in the year - recording losses in revenue of up to 70%.

Gyms also tend to see a rise in the number of people signing up after New Year, with islanders rushing to burn off those Christmas calories.

With this in mind, the government says it will be providing increased financial support to affected businesses through its payroll co-funding scheme.

What other restrictions are in force?

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Alongside these restrictions, physical distancing requirements will be stepped back up to two metres after being relaxed to one metre earlier this year. Stores which are allowed to remain open must be able to demonstrate they can do this.

Under an order already passed by the Health Minister, islanders will be required to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces such as shops and supermarkets.