Meet The Real Housewives of Jersey: Ashley Cairney

"I’m loud and I’m proud. No one can keep me quiet" - Ashley Cairney. Credit: ITV

The Real Housewives of Jersey will premiere on ITVBe on Monday 28 December.

In the run up to that, we're going to be introducing you to each of the leading ladies.

Today, it's Ashley Cairney!

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a mother, wife and lady in business. I am a born and bred Jersey girl - my family are all Jersey-born,, even back to my great grandparents and beyond. I have lived in Jersey my whole life apart from two years for university and even then I found a way to travel home weekly. I married my childhood sweetheart who I have been with since I was 17-years-old. I am the mother of two beautiful boys who are now two and three and they are my world. Family is everything to me and living such a busy life it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

  • How would your friends and family describe you?

Loyal, kind, caring, fun and loving. However, if people are not the same in return, then they are cut out. Period. I have always been a tough cookie but having children has definitely softened me and changed my approach to life.

  • What do you love about your life in Jersey?

My family and how beautiful and safe it is to live here. How unique it is - there is nowhere else like it. The beautiful summers, everywhere is so close.

  • How did it feel to be asked to be in The Real Housewives of Jersey?

It all happened so quickly, I almost didn’t have time for it to sink in. I like to experience new things and knew I would love a new project. I wanted to turn the lockdown year into something positive and hoped it could potentially lead to some really exciting things for me and my family.

  • How did your family/friends react when they found out about the show?

Some ran a mile and others were excited. All my immediate family were very supportive of my decision. There were also a lot of warnings from close friends but sometimes you have to go out your comfort zone to see what opportunities are on the horizon.

  • What can we look forward to from you this season?

Having lots of fun and giving everything a go, 100%. My honesty, consistency and dealing with situations head on.

  • What has been your funniest moment on the show this season?

It has to be being flung ten feet in the air on a bungee ride. Tessa surprised us all with a fabulous carnival night and it was such a laugh. I was NOT prepared for how much that bungee would pull me back off my feet. But, like in life, I bounced back up (with a glass of champagne in hand!)

  • Have you learnt anything new or tried out anything new filming this season?

I tried kayaking for the first time. I’m not much of a water baby but when one of the girls asked me to get involved in a charity sea event, I gave it a go. Sadly I was terrible at it but I gave it my best shot! I also tried a raw oyster for the first time, but I can’t say that was my most glamorous of moments as there was no keeping it down and I vomited it straight back up - slimy and salty - yuk!

  • How do you think Jersey residents will react when they see the show?

I think there will always be mixed reaction, but on the whole I think they will be excited to see their island on the big screen - showing off all it has to offer which is so much more then what most would think. Maybe people can stop asking me if we have electricity after the show airs!

  • What do you think you bring to the show that no one else does?

I am the only Jersey-born and bred housewife. I am the youngest housewife by about 15 years, and we are a self-made, hardworking, young family.

  • How do you fit into the friendship group of the Housewives?

Oh god, I don’t really fit in I am just me, take it or leave it. I think I was the one that nearly everyone liked.

  • Who would you say you’re closest to in the cast and why?

I got on with nearly everyone but I spent the most time with Hedi and Tessa and had a lot in common with them. They are both hard working, down to earth family ladies and our life morals are similar.

  • Who have you enjoyed getting to know the most?

I honestly really enjoyed getting to know nearly all the ladies. Each of them I had things in common with and I think they respected that I always spoke to their face and never behind their backs.

  • Which two other Jersey Housewives would you take to a desert island and why?

Tessa because she would have the contacts to get us out of there swiftly and probably look fabulous in the process and Hedi because she is at one with nature and would show us what plants we could eat to survive or at least do a great yoga session along with a massage.

  • How would you describe your fashion style?

On trend, glam but also relaxed when I’m with the kids as it has to be practical.

  • How do you like to arrive to a party?

With a glass of my pink champagne in hand and a smile on my face. On time!

  • Who do you think would play you in a movie any why?

Sandra Bullock. This is based on her role in Miss Congeniality. The role she acts out is a lot like me - you can dress me up but I’m pretty clumsy and a career women that gets a job done. On the show I enter a whole new world and give it 100% but it doesn’t go without a few bumps which is a little like the movie.

  • Do you watch any of the other Real Housewives series? If so, which other series do you like and who is your favourite Housewife from the whole franchise?

I sure do, Beverly Hills is Erica and Cheshire are Rachel or Tanya.

  • What do you think it means to be a Real Housewife and part of The Real Housewives brand?

OMG to stay at home, have lunch and drink champagne - that said I wouldn’t know as I’m most certainly not a housewife in the more traditional sense. I’ve hopefully shown that a housewife can be someone who looks after their family and home, but also goes out and enjoys working and running a business. Women can have both, work and family, and I really believe in that.