Meet The Real Housewives of Jersey: Mia Ledbury

"In Australia I’d look out for spiders. Here I look out for snakes" - Mia Ledbury. Credit: ITV

The Real Housewives of Jersey will premiere on ITVBe on Monday 28 December.

In the run up to that, we're going to be introducing you to each of the leading ladies.

Today, it's Mia Ledbury!

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in Australia, lived in Sydney and then moved to London for modelling work 19 years ago. I met my husband Dan while we were both working there and the rest is history. We moved to Jersey just over five years ago just after we had our second child. I’m into healthy living, exercise and I’m pretty down to earth but also have a rebellious streak!

  • How would your friends and family describe you?

I’m 50% chilled and 50% firecracker - it depends which side of the bed I get out on. I love having a good time and I’m almost normally last person standing at a party. If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun!

  • What brought you to the island?

We moved from London about six years ago, initially we planned to be here for 12-18 months - here we are five years later! I grew up on the beaches of Australia and so leaving behind the hustle and bustle for the beach BBQ felt very natural for me. We came for my husband’s work but we stayed for the lifestyle.

  • What do you love about your life in Jersey?

For a relatively small island, there is a surprising amount to do and Jersey is very social. Summers are the best, picking the kids up from school and heading down to the beach where they can swim and play whilst us ladies have a crisp glass of rosé! Chilled beach vibes and watching the sun set over the sweeping west coast is one of my favourite things to do.

  • How did it feel to be asked to be in The Real Housewives of Jersey?

It’s a huge privilege to be asked to be part of the original cast members for Housewives of Jersey. It certainly spiced up 2020 for me!

  • How did your family/friends react when they found out about the show?

Jersey is such a small place that I think some people were a little apprehensive about the show and especially the drama. I have some amazing friends who are fully behind me in whatever I do and I have no regrets. You never do you a whole lot unless you are brave enough to try.

  • What can we look forward to from you this season?

I stopped modelling to have my two girls, you can follow me through my journey from housewife back to cracking back into the modelling scene. Never say never, anything is possible!

  • What has been your favourite thing about being a Housewife?

It's been great to properly get to know the other Housewives and watch us come together as a group whilst also getting up to some mischief. It is very empowering to be able to have a platform to showcase our home to the rest of the world.

  • What has been your funniest moment on the show?

I don’t think that I’ve laughed as much during the show as I did during the life drawing class - it was quite an eye opener! There were no better people to do that with than Kate and Margaret, and my cheeks were aching from laughing so hard for hours afterwards.

  • How do you think Jersey residents will react when they see the show?

I hope people who live here are going to be really happy when they see how Jersey is portrayed. It is a truly a stunning island and I think its going to put Jersey back on the map in a great way - there are so many hidden gems to explore and enjoy. I think everyone here will watch the show, even if they pretend that they haven’t. There has been a huge amount of interest and buzz generated and I don’t think people will be disappointed!

  • What do you think you bring to the show that no one else does?

I grew up in Australia, modelled and lived in Sydney, danced professionally in Japan, moved to London and now live in Jersey. I’ve had some amazing experiences in my life, and I think I’ll bring an international vibe to the show and also a bit of worldliness!

  • How do you fit into the friendship group of the Housewives?

I would normally say I’m quite level headed and a bit of a mediator when it comes to drama, but I won’t back down if I’m being attacked. I try to be fair and see the best in people, but I am certainly no angel.

  • Who would you say you’re closest to in the cast and why?

I think it would be Kate and Jane because I tend to be drawn to people who can make me laugh and are a little crazy (in a good way!). I always feel more relaxed around someone who doesn’t mind having a laugh about themselves.

  • Who have you enjoyed getting to know the most?

Margaret Thompson is quite a well-known local business figure and for years there was a giant billboard with her face on it as you landed at the airport. I had heard she could be quite a shark in business, so I was a bit nervous about getting to know her in real life. In reality, she was much warmer than I had expected, and I think we got on really well. Also, she is such a softie around her dogs (her “children”) as well!

  • Which two other Jersey Housewives would you take to a desert island and why?

Kate would definitely be my first pick - who needs a television when you have pure entertainment to hand! I’d also have to bring Margaret along for the ride as those two are hilarious together - a true comedy duo!

  • How would you describe your fashion style?

Luxe Rock N’ Rock. Despite all the glam I’m also a rock chick at heart. You are just as likely to find me at Glastonbury in festival gear as getting my nails done for a party. I have a great collection of rock t-shirts - some are over 25-years-old!

  • How do you like to arrive to a party?

Late! I don’t think I’ve ever managed to make it anywhere on time! I run on my own schedule and nobody can hurry me along.

  • Who do you think would play you in a movie any why?

People sometimes say I remind them a bit of Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby or sometimes Jennifer Garner. I’ll take either of those two in a heartbeat!

  • Do you watch any of the other Real Housewives series? If so, which other series do you like and who is your favourite Housewife from the whole franchise?

My favourite character from Real Housewives of Cheshire would probably be Tanya. She seems quite down to earth but also has a sharp sense of humour.

  • What do you think it means to be a Real Housewife and part of The Real Housewives brand?

I think given everything that has happened in 2020 people need light hearted entertainment in their lives more than ever. The Real Housewives brand is a great mix of glitz, glam, laughs and a dash of drama. It is just the medicine that we all need as we head into the dark winter nights around Christmas. I’m so proud to be involved in the brand, being one of the original Housewives of Jersey and bringing it to the shores of this beautiful island.