Meet The Real Housewives of Jersey: Kate Taylor

"There’s only one thing I love more than diamonds and that’s attention" - Kate Taylor. Credit: ITV

The Real Housewives of Jersey will premiere on ITVBe on Monday 28 December.

In the run up to that, we're going to be introducing you to each of the leading ladies.

Today, it's Kate Taylor!

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Kate Taylor, I am 52-years-old and I have lived on the island for 30 years. I am a fundraiser for a number of charities and have recently been appointed Patron for After Breast Cancer Jersey. I have one son called Finn who is 21-years-old who I adore. I am recently single and was with my ex-husband for 26 years. I was originally born in Cleethorpes and lived most of my early life in Grimsby - a place that is still dear to my heart and where my family still lives. I am a ‘happy go lucky’ girl who loves to party and enjoy meeting new people. My motto is: “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice”. I have a unique personality and I am very proud of that.

  • How would your friends and family describe you?

Kind and creative. My father says I live in Kate World on Fantasy Island. They laugh because I go to the opening of an envelope, they think I am exhausting as I am always busy!

  • What brought you to the island?

I moved over to Jersey in 1988 with a very special ex-boyfriend when I was 22 and I fell in love with the beautiful island of Jersey and its people. It was love at first sight!

  • What do you love about your life in Jersey?

Every day it amazes me that I never see the same view twice. Jersey is a special place and it’s a gem in the sea. Its beaches are fabulous and are a stone’s throw away from anywhere. Coupled with the easy-going lifestyle, the restaurants and club/bar scene why wouldn’t anyone not want to live in Jersey? I am very humbled to live on such a beautiful island.

  • How did it feel to be asked to be in The Real Housewives of Jersey?

I was honoured to be asked to be a part of the show. I had several grueling interviews and honestly didn’t think that I would be chosen but delighted that I was.

  • How did your family/friends react when they found out about the show?

My friends and family were fine as my life has always been in the public eye, locally. My family have always supported my mantra of “it’s never too late to try anything new” and have always encouraged me in my epic adventures.

  • What has been your favourite thing about being a Housewife?

Getting to know the other girls and all the adventures the TV show has entailed. I chuck myself into everything and have enjoyed every minute, at a very difficult time in my life.

  • What has been your funniest moment on the show?

Every single minute! No seriously, watching Margaret’s face during the still life drawing, it was priceless!

  • Have you learnt anything new or tried out anything new filming this season?

Organising a sea-based fundraising event during a global pandemic – this has been a first and one I won’t forget. Note to self, I am not a size 10 in a wetsuit!

  • How do you think Jersey residents will react when they see the show?

I am mindful that not everyone will like the show and that’s ok. However, it shows off our beautiful island and follows the lives of an eclectic group of women.

  • What do you think you bring to the show that no one else does?

Unusual style and lots of humour.

  • Who would you say you’re closest to in the cast and why?

Margaret Thompson - I have known Margaret for 30 years and in the last few years we have become extremely close. Hedi Green - known of her for 30 years and always thought she was an extraordinary woman with fabulous values and goals.

  • Who have you enjoyed getting to know the most?

Mia - she is a handful of fun and we have a lot in common. I think she has a great sense of humour and she brings out the competitiveness in me. Ashley – I love her positive attitude to life and that she’s always laughing and smiling.

  • Which two other Jersey Housewives would you take to a desert island and why?

Margaret because she is practical and would help us get out of difficult situations. Hedi because she is the only woman I know that is happy to jump out of a plane more than once. No more needs to be said.

  • How would you describe your fashion style?

I don’t follow fashion; I create my own and it’s weird and wonderful. I am not sure everyone agrees. I don’t dress to be noticed; I dress to be remembered.

  • How do you like to arrive to a party?

Fashionably late, anyone who knows me invites me an hour early!

  • Who do you think would play you in a movie any why?

Angelia Jolie, because I was the original Lara Croft. I am well trained in getting myself out of tricky situation/permanently living on your nerves!