More islanders making a splash as outdoor swimming grows in popularity in Jersey

With swimming pools now closed in Jersey, increasing numbers of people are taking to the open water. 

Some clubs have reported a significant rise in those making a splash, with many people planning to continue during the winter months - despite the falling temperatures.

Hayley Butlin normally teaches people to swim in pools, but says she has seen growing demand for coaching on the coast. 

Credit: ITV Channel TV
  • How to stay safe in open water swimming

Stay within your limits

Outdoor swimming is very different to swimming in a pool. There are lots of possible hazards. Know your ability and know your limits.

It is also important to not stay in the water for too long, especially when it is cold. Experts say a general rule of thumb is a maximum of one minute per degree, so if it was 10 degrees you should not spend any longer that 10 minutes in the water.

Go with someone experienced

You should never swim outdoors alone. Always go with someone who knows what they are doing so they can help you if you get in trouble.

Know the tide

With one of the biggest tidal zones in the world, it is important to know tide times and if they will affect your swim.

Check the forecast

Rain, sea fog and winds can effect you when swimming outdoors. Always check the weather forecast before swimming and never enter the water if you are unsure.