Health and care staff in Guernsey to receive 5% pay rise in 2021

Health and care staff in Guernsey to receive 5% pay rise in 2021 Credit: ITV Channel

Health and care staff in Guernsey will receive an increase of 5% in pay for 2021.

Earlier this year, the same group received a 5% increase for 2020 pay. The Policy and Resources Committee announced the decision as well as the 2020 pay decisions for outstanding groups, that were not yet completed.

For 2021, most public sector employees will not see an increase, with the exception of the Agenda for Change group which comprises of health and care staff, including nurses and midwives.

Another exception is the ‘Public Sector Employees’ pay group, which includes many of the States lowest paid staff such as manual workers, who will also see an increase of 2.4%.

The Committee has thanked public sector workers for their efforts in the Bailiwick's response to the coronavirus pandemic, noting that Guernsey is ending the year in "an excellent position compared to many other jurisdictions."

However, it highlighted the impact the pandemic has had on public finances, where big deficits are forecast.

I hope none of our public sector staff consider for one moment that we are not incredibly grateful for what they have achieved this year. Across all areas, the performance in stepping up to meet this pandemic and protect our community has been exemplary.

Deputy David Mahoney, Policy and Resources Committee