45 islanders and organisations in Jersey recognised with Bailiff's Covid Award

45 islanders and organisations in Jersey have been recognised with a Bailiff's Covid Award. Credit: ITV Channel TV

45 islanders and organisations in Jersey have been recognised with a Bailiff's Covid Award.

The awards were created to recognise and celebrate the work and commitment of individuals during the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

110 nominations were received, following the announcement of the awards in August; 17 of those were for the Bailiff's Award - a gold duplicate of the Bailiff’s seal marking an exceptional contribution to the island community - and 28 received the Bailiff’s citation - a certificate to recognise special efforts towards the Covid-19 response.

So many people have worked so hard that it was difficult to make a choice and the choices that we have made are well-deserving of recognition. Among the 45 recipients are excellent examples of community spirit that we can look to for inspiration. Covid-19 continues to test our community, but with individuals such as those recognised with these awards, we are a stronger and safer community.

Mr Timothy Le Cocq, Jersey's Bailiff

The winners were:

  • Shirley Baudains (Community)

  • Brighter Futures Leadership Team (Third Sector)

  • Kate Briden (Government of Jersey)

  • Coronavirus Helpline Team (Government of Jersey)

  • Mrs Vicki Charlesworth (Government of Jersey)

  • Allison Mills (Government of Jersey)

  • Gillian Mallet (Government of Jersey)

  • Joanne Currie (Government of Jersey)

  • Alison de Bourcier (Government of Jersey)

  • Beverley Edwards (Government of Jersey)

  • Angie Falle (Rotary Club of Jersey)

  • Mr Malcolm Ferey (Citizens' Advice)

  • Tracey Goodwin (Alliance Supermarket)

  • Mrs Liz Gibaut (N/A)

  • The Hollies Day Centre Gorey (private organisation)

  • Edward Jewell (Government of Jersey)

  • Heather McManus (Government of Jersey)

  • Philip Le Claire (private)

  • Lucy Nicolaou (The Listening Lounge)

  • Jenny O’Brien (Government of Jersey)

  • Claire O'Connell (private)

  • Danny Scaife (OP TALLA)

  • Rob Beaumont (OP TALLA)

  • Paul Battrick MBE (OP TALLA)

  • St Helier Parish Community Services Team (Parish of St Helier)

  • Parish of St Martin's Food Bank Volunteers (Parish of St Martin)

  • Stuart Young (private)

  • Maria Le Tiec (Ports of Jersey)

  • Sarah -Louise Stubbs (Ports of Jersey)

  • Bernard Place (Government of Jersey - PPE)

  • Dr Chris Edmond (Government of Jersey - PPE)

  • Deidra Ahier (Government of Jersey - PPE)

  • Sue Short (Government of Jersey - PPE)

  • Nathan Wright (Government of Jersey - PPE/TSG contractor)

  • Shona Ringsdore (Parish of St Saviour)

  • Simon Soar (Jersey Hospitality Association)

  • Police Sergeant Paul Smith (States of Jersey Police)

  • Mrs Lynn Bouchard (St John Ambulance)

  • Work & Family Hub (Government of Jersey)

  • Youth Work staff team (Government of Jersey)

  • Damon Snowdon (community)

  • Alice and Richard Nunn (community)

  • Andrea Ghisoi (community)

  • Captain Ross Barnes (Jersey Field Squadron)

  • Samuel Moore (Victoria College School)