Bad weather could see more seal pups being rescued by the GSPCA

Pics from the GSPCA 04012021
Titan is now receiving round-the-clock care from the GSPCA. Credit: GSPCA

The GSPCA says recent poor weather could mean it needs to rescue more seal pups washed up along Guernsey's shore.

It comes after a pup was found at the Fairy Ring on New Year's Eve.

The animal, which is said to be very thin and weak, has been called Titan by the service. He now joins two other pups, Ellie and Joey, at the charity's intensive care unit and is receiving round-the-clock-care. He is said to be doing well, despite how he was found.

The charity says it has been an incredibly busy time and is calling on the public for support.

If islanders see a pup looking distressed or very thin they should not approach it but call the GSPCA on 01481 257 261 who will deal with it. They are urging people not to touch the seals as they can have a nasty bite.