Guernsey's Chief Minister says he 'will not be pressured by social media comments'

Deputy Peter Ferbrache reassures Covid-19 media briefings will continue to take place fortnightly. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey's Chief Minister says he will "not be pressured" by people on social media critcising the States of Guernsey's communication strategy.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache has urged people to think twice before writing comments online which could stir up unease and misinformation.

He says the States of Guernsey update their social media channels with information when it is deemed appropriate to share with the public.

The Covid-19 press briefings in Guernsey will continue to be held fortnightly unless there is a significant update meaning one should be held sooner.

We’re not going to call additional briefings just for the sake of it. We’re not going to be pressured by social media comments. We ask those who are commenting on social media irresponsibly and stirring up unease, not to do so. It’s not responsible. We are responsible and we continue to be responsible.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, Guernsey's Chief Minister

On 8 January, it was announced only essential travel to the Bailiwick of Guernsey would be permitted. The Civil Contingencies Authority made the decision based on "developments with the coronavirus pandemic in the UK over recent days".