'Essential Travel Permits' to be required for entry to Guernsey

Arriving passengers will have to demonstrate that their journey has been deemed essential by the government by applying for permission before they apply, or they could face fines of up to £10,000. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Travellers will need to apply for an Essential Travel Permit to enter Guernsey from today (14 January).

Arriving passengers will have to demonstrate their journey has been deemed essential by the government by applying for permission before they fly, or they could face fines of up to £10,000.

Travel is only currently allowed for essential purposes and those who believe they fit that criteria must now apply on the States website for permission to do so.

Anyone who is a critical worker will be treated as essential and will not require permits to travel, but must use the existing critical worker application process to register their journey.

Other travel which will be considered essential includes:

  • Compassionate reasons, such as supporting a dependent relative;

  • To receive medical treatment;

  • To accompany a child or vulnerable person into or out of the Bailiwick;

  • For essential business activity, critical to its operation, which cannot be done remotely;

  • To meet a legal obligations such as attending court proceedings;

  • To attend or return from school, university or other further education;

  • For Bailiwick residents to return home if they travelled off the Island before the 12th January;

  • To move to the Bailiwick where they have bought a property and already begun the moving process ;

  • For a job where the position has already been secured with a local employer or where the work is essential.

Our officers will be applying a common sense approach to this. But it won’t be a soft approach, we will be strict in ensuring any journey that clearly isn’t essential is declined. We know that will leave some people unhappy and we sympathise but this is a decision the CCA have made to protect the community at a critical point in the world’s response to the pandemic.

Paul Whitfield, Chief Executive of the States of Guernsey

Anyone travelling with an Essential Travel Permit will still be required to follow all self-isolation and testing requirements.

Passengers arriving in the Bailiwick must now also take a day one and day 13 test in order to leave self isolation on or around day 14 after their arrival. This will be effective from today (13 January).

Asking people to take a test on arrival and on day 13 of their self-isolation enables us to pick up all travellers who are COVID-19 positive on arrival (and who are asymptomatic), as well as late presenting infections at day 13. The day 1 test is also beneficial for track and trace purposes should this be needed.

Dr Nicola Brink, Guernsey's Director of Public Health

Chief Minister Deputy Peter Ferbrache says the measures represent a 'belt and braces' approach to preventing the spread of the virus within the community.

The Civil Contingencies Authority says the new measures have been agreed following consideration of rising infection rates in nearby jurisdictions and the new variants of the virus.