Guernsey businesses boosted by festive 'spend local' campaign

Businesses in Guernsey say the Spend Local campaign over Christmas has saved them from ruin.

Over the course of the festive period, islanders were encouraged to buy gifts from independent, on-island businesses to provide a much-needed boost for the local economy rather than online retailers.

After a year without tourists, some businesses said that getting backing from the public was crucial to their survival.

I think importantly, people have probably learnt something by what happened this year and thought about the importance of supporting local businesses. Hopefully what we've learnt from 2020 is let's keep buying local, keep the pound in the island, keep the shops open and continue spending locally.

Rick De Garis, The Best of Guernsey

Local retailers now hope it could prove to be the start of a longer-term trend, with shoppers continuing to support local businesses into 2021.