Personal trainer goes to the extreme to raise money for Guernsey Mind

Joe Collenette from Guernsey has set himself a demanding fitness challenging which he is completing every day in January.

The personal trainer hopes to raise money for Guernsey Mind and so far, has received more than £2,000 in donations.

Across the 30 days, Joe will lift 300,000 kilos, run 300 kilometres, swim for 300 minutes and do 3,000 minutes of mediation.

We've got a beautiful island and it's a fantastic resource for exercise. Let's use it more. Don't feel as though you've got to be elite or really fast or strong. It doesn't matter. Just get out and do it. It's so good for the mind.

Joe Collenette

After his own battles with mental health, Joe turned to fitness to improve his state of mind. Joe says he wants "to give back to the community" by supporting Guernsey Mind who "do a fantastic job in supporting the mental health of islanders".

Joe has taken on such an amazing physical and mental challenge. It really highlights the connection between having a healthy body and healthy mind. The fundraising is incredible. We're driving ahead with our youth service. So these funds will go towards that. These events help us to keep going. 

Maddy Diligent, Guernsey Mind

Guernsey Mind is launching a youth service in the first few months of 2021. The charity relies heavily on donations and fundraising events like 'Joe's 30 Day Challenge'.

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