Behind-the-scenes of the Guernsey film Occupied

A local filmmaker from Guernsey is making a short film called Occupied. The drama tells the story of the White Rock bombing which occurred on 28 June 1940.

A German plane flew over St Peter Port and bombed the island. They mistook a truck of tomatoes for military equipment. As a result of the bombing, 34 people died and 33 were injured.

Occupied is written and directed by Alex Bates who has scripted some of the scenes in Guernsey French. He wants to "preserve the local language" and remind viewers of this "important part of the island's history".

The team is made up of local crew, actors and extras, and it is being shot in Guernsey and where possible, is being filmed in original locations.

The film is being sponsored by Clameur Du Cinéma and the Guernsey Arts Commission, as well as through a crowdfunding campaign.

Occupied is due to be released on 20 April 2021.