Majority of Jersey school children have returned to the classroom

A total of 83% of secondary school students retuned to the classroom on Monday 11 January. Credit: Hauke-Christian Dittrich/DPA/PA Images

The majority of Jersey school children returned to the class room on Monday 11 January despite some concerns about coronavirus.

Just over 4% of secondary school children and nearly 2% in primary school were recorded as unauthorised absences.

The move to reopen schools proved controversial, with the Education Minister resigning from her post, over concerns it was too early to allow students back and risk coronavirus cases rising again.

However, under guidance from the Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell (STAC), the government chose to resume the term, with the Chief Minister saying that the risk of covid-19 transmission in schools remained low. Figures have now been released showing that the majority of pupils returned to the classroom on Monday.

Secondary School pupils:


Students attended school


Pupils with an authorised absence


Pupils with an unauthorised absence


Pupils with a covid-19 absence

The secondary school figures are lower, but in part due to one year group off school due to staff shortages and a number of Covid-19-related absences. We will continue to work with schools to support them and monitor the situation daily with the Department.

Deputy Jeremy Maçon, Jersey's Acting Education Minister

Meanwhile a higher proportion of primary school pupils returned to lessons on Monday, something Deputy Maçon says shows an "encouraging start to the term."

Primary School pupils


Primary school pupils returning to school


Pupils with an authorised absence


Pupils with an unauthorised absence


Pupils absent because of covid-19

Also included in the latest attendance figures were PCR testing numbers for nursery, school and college staff and secondary school students in years 11-13. Between 1-10 January, 1,912 staff had a test with fewer than five testing positive for the virus. 1,510 of those aged between 15 and18 have also been tested, with fewer than five youngsters also testing positive.

The government says covid-19 related-school data is now being published on its website, which it says will be available on a daily basis but may not be updated everyday.