Puddle jumping project to raise money for cancer research

People across the Channel Islands and beyond are being encouraged to don a pair of wellies and jump in puddles to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The 'Jumping in Puddles for Cancer' campaign has a target of £1m with the theme being 'when the rain hits hard, go jump in puddles.' It has been organised by Guernsey-based campaigner Susie Campanella after hearing about the terminal cancer diagnosis of our reporter Gary Burgess at the end of last year.

We are so excited to be launching this campaign here in Guernsey and are overwhelmed by the support we've already received from so many people. Cancer devastates so many lives, it goes far beyond me and my lovely friend Gary, and it needs to be stopped. The only way we can do this is to find a cure and new treatments, we hope that these vital funds raised will go some way to doing just that.

Susie Campanella, Charity campaigner

Susie first came up with the idea after sending Gary a pair of wellington boots and a poster of someone jumping in a puddle as a birthday gift. She says she was touched by the effect the gesture had on him and wanted to turn a rainy day into a hopeful one for anyone affected by cancer.

Gary and his husband Alan with their wellies from Susie Campanella. Credit: Jumping in Puddles for Cancer

Susie's gift of wellies was kindness at a tough time which was all about getting outside and reconnecting with nature. To see that gesture turned into this nationwide campaign is just extraordinary. I've seen how, in the darkest of times, that act of jumping in a puddle or simply seeing pictures of others doing so has a magical ability to raise a smile.

Gary Burgess
Jumping for joy! Susie Campanella who started the campaign. Credit: Jumping in Puddles for Cancer

People are being asked to donate £1 to take part and upload an image onto the Jumping in a Puddle website. The campaign has already received lots of attention with Guernsey's Lieutenant-Governor, hosting the launch of the campaign at Government House today (15 January).

Charity fundraising has suffered considerably during the current pandemic, which has had an impact on research into cancer. Jumping in a puddle and donating a pound is an easy and fun way to help turn that around. I wish Susie well with her irresistible invitation to make a splash for such a good cause and hope that it raises plenty of money and smiles throughout the Channel Islands and beyond.

Guernsey's Lieutenant-Governor, Vice Admiral Sir Ian Corder
Tom Teasdale, Tom Ceillam and Taylor Quate from Guernsey Rugby club jumped in an extra messy puddle on the rugby pitch. Credit: Jumping in puddles for Cancer

I may not have long left in this world, but I still have time to don my wellies, get jumping in puddles, and do my own little bit to support Cancer Research UK. I just hope as many people as possible do likewise.

Gary Burgess

For more information on the campaign go the the Jumping in a Puddle website. More details can also be found on the campaign's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok pages.