Snow safety advice issued to islanders in Jersey

An Orange Snow Warning has been issued by Jersey Met, lasting until the early hours of tomorrow morning (10 February). Credit: PA Images

A sprinkle of snow fell in Jersey overnight, after an Orange warning was issued yesterday (9 February).

The Severe Weather Tactical Co-ordination Group (SWTCG) has issued the following advice, in the event of snow and freezing temperatures, to ensure islanders are prepared.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Covid Vaccination Centre

If attending the Covid Vaccination Centre, members of the public are advised to be careful when travelling to Fort Regent and to enter via car or on foot through Pier Road car park (rather than Fort Regent Road), or use the Shuttle Bus service from Liberation Station.

Where possible, islanders should park in Pier Road on floors 10 to 12 rather than the open top car parks where conditions could be slippery. The footpaths, roads and carpark at Fort Regent have all been salted to ensure public safety.

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Always adjust your driving according to the conditions and plan your journey by checking the latest weather forecast. The authorities will be/are working as hard as they can to keep the roads and pavements clear during severe weather.

During adverse weather, you should:

  • Clear ice off all windows, lights, number plate, and vehicle roof before you set off.

  • Make sure the mirrors are clear and windows are de-misted thoroughly.

  • Use at least dipped headlights in poor visibility.

  • Keep well back from the road user in front.

  • Be extra cautious at road junctions where road markings may not be visible.

  • Be prepared for the road conditions to change over relatively short distances.

  • Even after roads have been treated in winter, driving conditions may remain challenging, especially if the road location and layout mean there is a high risk of ice.

  • Stick to the main roads where you can. You should drive with care and respect the road conditions wherever you drive, but if you cannot avoid driving on a minor road, take extra care.

Useful tips for driving in snow:

  • Accelerate gently, using low revs - you may need to take off in second gear to avoid skidding.

  • You may need 10 times the normal gap between your car and the car in front .

  • Try not to brake suddenly - it may lock up your wheels and you could skid further.

  • Be extra cautious at road junctions where road markings may not be visible.

  • If you start to skid, release the brake pedal fully or ease off the accelerator, steer into the skid, then as you straighten, steer back along the road.

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Take care when walking on pavements and other non-gritted surfaces which may not be cleared of snow and ice, to minimise the risk of falling. Wear appropriate footwear with sufficient grip.

Connect Me

Any Islanders needing access to help and support, can use the Connect Me service .