Société Jersiaise says Westmount Road is of historical interest

The Société Jersiaise has added its voice to the Westmount Road battle, calling for politicians to reject plans to make Westmount road the main access route for the planned new hospital at Overdale.

In their 'Westmount Impact Report' they outline their concerns over Westmount Road as the main access route, stating "a large area of historical and cultural importance could be lost, if the new road layout goes ahead".

Speaking in the States debate about the access road, Jersey's Health Minister said its history would be marked, no matter what changes are made to the layout of the road.

A plaque marks the area Major Pierson assembled his troops for his attack on the French troops in the Market Place. Credit: ITV Channel

Westmount Road is an area that comes with a wealth of historical information.

The gallows were located here for centuries, hence the earlier names Gallows Hill, and Mont du Patibulaire. It was also an area where Major Pierson led his troops into battle against the French, during the Battle of Jersey in 1781. A battle which sadly resulted in the loss of many lives, including his.

In 1781, on hearing of the arrival of the French, Major Peirson marched his troops from St Peter to Westmount. Credit: Société Jersiaise

The first recorded public hanging in Jersey was 1555, and the last one on Westmount was 1829. Credit: Société Jersiaise

Dep Kirsten Morel, Jersey's Assistant Minster for Culture, says that whatever plans do go ahead, he hopes the road's history will be celebrated for generations to come.