Website set up to track items washed up on Jersey's shores

People are asked to log what they've collected on the beach. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A beach cleaning website has been set up in Jersey to help keep track of what is washing up on the island's shores.

Littlefeet Environmental says the aim of the site is to record what items people are collecting on their walks.

The charity says since the start of the pandemic there has been a "huge increase" in the amount of PPE, including facemasks and disposable gloves, washing up on local beaches.

As more people are cleaning up beaches, either on their daily walks or through socially distanced groups, we want to get a better understanding of the amount of marine litter washing up.

Courtney Farmer, Littlefeet Environmental

The website will be used as a "central archive" for organised beach cleans in the future, allowing the charity to see which beaches are going to be cleaned and avoid any doubling up.

Littlefeet Environmental is encouraging anyone organising a beach clean, big or small, to register their event with them in advance and then record what they find.

We are extremely grateful for the support of Ports of Jersey and Fusion Development for their support in bringing our idea to life.

Courtney Farmer, Littlefeet Environmental

People are asked to make a note of the date and name of the beach cleaned, any interesting finds, how many people participated in the beach clean, the approximate weight of what was collected and any photos of the finds.

Littlefeet Environmental is one of Ports of Jersey's environmental charity partners.

Ports of Jersey has an important role to play in promoting a positive environmental culture and protecting the ecosystem. We always look at ways to work with our community and local charities to protect our coastal environment, keeping our historic harbours and beaches clean and safe.

Leanne Bass, CSR Development Manager at Ports of Jersey

The set up of the website coincides with this weekend's Big Channel Islands Beach Clean 2021.