Review into road users laws after 14-year-old cyclist hospitalised in Jersey

Laws governing the rights of road users in Jersey will be reviewed. Credit: PA Images

Laws governing the rights of road users in Jersey will be reviewed after a crash which left a 14-year-old boy in hospital.

Freddie Dentskevich was knocked off his bike by van in March 2020. The driver was interviewed, but police decided not to prosecute.

A petition was then set up by his mother, Joanna Dentskevich, calling for changes to the law and who is deemed liable when a collision occurs.

Freddie Dentskevich had to be hospitalised after being knocked off his bike in March 2020.

After receiving almost 4,000 signatures, Ministers have now responded saying they will look into it. It means drivers could be held more responsible for crashes than other road users, like cyclists and pedestrians. The Infrastructure Minister says he will review liability laws as part of the island's Sustainable Transport Plan.

This will include:

  • Road improvements to create space for cyclists;

  • Ensuring consistency in speed limits;

  • The promotion of consideration for other road users and the prioritisation of road users who are not in cars; and

  • Work to encourage people to use active travel instead of cars.

You can read the full Ministerial response here.