Children's rights training for all Jersey government staff

It is hoped training will help staff identify the importance of children's rights and how they can support them. Credit: ITV Channel TV

All Jersey government staff will have to complete children's rights training.

The hour-long interactive course will help staff to identify what children's rights are, why they are important and how the government and individuals can promote them.

A report by Swansea University last October found that Jersey laws fell short on protecting children's rights across several areas.

The new training comes ahead of a proposed law change, which will see the government and some public authorities have to prove that they have considered children's rights.

The 'Due Regard' law is expected to be debated later this year or in early 2022.

Education Minister Deputy Jeremy Maçon was the first of more than 7,000 government employees to complete the new course.

The videos were filmed and produced by young people studying Media Production at Highlands College and Photography at Hautlieu School.

Deputy Maçon says he is pleased the training was produced on island, as it will provide specific local context and raise awareness of how government work affects youngsters in the Bailiwick.

Across Government, our work impacts children in many direct and indirect ways. That’s why it’s vital for staff across the organisation to understand what children’s rights are, and how each individual member of staff can protect and promote children’s rights in the work that they do.

Deputy Jeremy Maçon, Jersey's Children and Education Minister