'Encourage local shopping and represent all retail' - Guernsey retailers wish list for new figurehead

The Guernsey Retail Group (GRG) formed in 2019 to provide a united voice for the sector. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A group of Guernsey retailers say it is vital that their new figurehead brings businesses together as they try to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

The Guernsey Retail Group (GRG) is searching for a full-time Head of Retail Development to represent the sector's interests across the island.

They hope the successful candidate will reinforce the 'shop local' message and provide a link between retailers, the GRG and the government.

We believe it's important to have someone representing retail for the whole island, as well as promoting and reinforcing the shop local message. We've seen that islanders are keen to support and shop local where they can, especially over this past year, thanks to the #GuernseyTogether and #ShopLocalGsy messages. We want the new candidate to build on these initiatives.

Jonathan Creasey, Guernsey Retail Group (GRG) Chairman

GRG formed in 2019 to provide a common voice for businesses which has proved important during the pandemic.

The group received government support through the 'Future Guernsey Economic Fund' to aid recovery and growth within the retail industry.

The GRG has the potential to deliver significant benefits for the retail sector and will be essential in helping maximise its future growth. We're pleased to be working in partnership with the Group, taking an innovative approach to support our island's retailers.

Deputy Simon Vermeulen, Economic Development Committee Member

It was announced earlier this week that Guernsey's full lockdown would be extended until Monday 22 February when some non-public businesses will be able to resume under strict safety measures.

There is no set date on when retail can reopen in the island.