Plans for Guernsey schools to reopen in Stage Two of lockdown exit

Schools will remain closed in Stage One, however children of essential workers will be able to continue attending. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey schools could reopen when the island moves into Stage Two of its lockdown exit.

At the latest coronavirus briefing held this afternoon, it was confirmed that schools will remain closed in Stage One.

Children of essential workers will, however, be able to continue attending school as they been doing since 8 January.

But Chief Executive, Paul Whitfield, says the government is working on a plan to get all pupils back into the classroom.

Discussions between public health and education teams have continued as they work up plans to best open schools and settings to all our students in a coordinated and safe manner, within Stage Two of the exit framework. This will be a phased return to school but with the ambition a this stage being for all students to return over a one or two week period following the island's move to Stage Two.

Paul Whitfield, Guernsey's Chief Executive

Stage one begins on Monday (22 February), meaning some non-public facing businesses will be able resume some activity, and household bubbles will be re-introduced.

Alderney entered stage one yesterday, as it has now been declared Covid-free once again.

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