Guernsey campaign aims to put iconic women on the map

The campaign aims to celebrate the achievements of women from around the world. Credit: Women in Public Life

People in Guernsey are being encouraged to celebrate the achievements of women in the island for International Women's Day.

A campaign by Women in Public Life is aiming inviting islanders to nominate an iconic woman from their home country or island to fill an online map of Guernsey.

Each iconic woman will be marked by a flag, with a pop-up box to give more information about the woman and who nominated them, along with links to any relevant local organisations.

Around one in three people living in Guernsey were born outside the island and while the majority of those come from the UK, 11% come from elsewhere.

Women In Public Life says this campaign is about celebrating the island's diversity.

Our ultimate objective is to inspire and support a diverse and representative range of women to stand for public office in Guernsey because we know that balanced teams make better decisions. More than one in three people who live in Guernsey were born outside the island. Most of them are UK-born but a third - 11% of the total population - were born elsewhere.

Linda Rolf, member of Women in Public Life

Ideally nominations will be women who are celebrated for their roles in politics or public life, but they could be noted for their contributions in other areas including the sciences, arts, or sport. The women could be alive today, or from any period in history. 

Anyone hoping to nominate a woman for the project can visit the Women in Public Life website. Nominations must be put forward by International Women's Day on Monday 8 March.