Jersey fitness industry at 'crisis point'

Fitness leaders in Jersey say the industry is at 'total crisis point' and have questioned why they have not yet been able to reopen.

Despite the hospitality sector reopening today, gyms remain closed after being forced to shut their doors at the beginning of December.

The Association of Jersey Fitness says the industry is able to operate safely, and that their services play a crucial role in supporting islanders' physical and mental health.

But it warns that the current state of affairs is getting desperate for some.

It's now total crisis point. I'm having daily calls with operators that are now categorically not meeting their overheads, serious concerns, and it's not looking very good for certain people right now.

Dr Glenda Rivoallen, Association of Jersey Fitness

The government has made a fixed-costs compensation scheme available, but many businesses in the industry are quickly running out of resources.

Talks with government over a timetable are continuing, but the Association says it wants to see clear plans for the industry to be able to return to normal operation.

It is also calling for a 'Work Out To Help Out' style support scheme for local gyms when they return to encourage islanders to return.