Anti-dairy vegan adverts placed on Jersey's buses

Pro-veganism adverts have appeared on the side of buses to encourage people in Jersey to give up dairy products.

The adverts, reading 'Dairy takes babies from their mothers', have been funded by the international campaign group Go Vegan World who bought advertising space with LibertyBus.

The group says milk production is bad for the environment and cruel to the animals themselves.

We think that the cows just provide milk to humans. We're not aware that cows like the Jersey cow in Jersey are selectively bred to over-produce milk; that they're forcibly impregnanted so they'll give birth and lactate.

Sandra Higgins, Director of Go Vegan World

The group has also called for Jersey's government to scrap subsidies for the dairy farming sector.

Farmers in Jersey say they maintain the highest welfare standards for their cattle. Credit: ITV Channel TV

However, farmers have told ITV News that they uphold the highest welfare standards for their animals - and that the advertising campaign is a 'misrepresentation' of the industry on the island.

We've got our cows are sleeping in really nice conditions here. And our whole aim, in Jersey is to give our pedigree Jersey cows five star treatment, three-six-five. We are all, all of us, passionate about it, and it's this misrepresentation that brings into question the absolute ethics of what we're trying to do.

Andrew Le Gallais, Dairy farmer

LibertyBus director Kevin Hart says the campaign does not break any of the company's policies and expressed its support for the industry.

We won't allow political or religious views, but other than that we won't limit freedom of speech. We are wholly supportive of the farming industry in Jersey and recognise the contribution it makes to the island and actually how good their products are.

Kevin Hart, Director of LibertyBus