Cost of plastic 'bags for life' could rise to 70p in Jersey

Credit: PA

The cost of plastic 'bags for life' in Jersey could rise to 70p.

59 retailers took part in a government consultation on the issue, with 70p per bag being the average price put forward by respondents.

Retailers who took part in the consultation also said this legislation should be broadened to apply to other single use items, such as cups and straws.

Around a third of respondents said they would need less than three months to implement the changes, but overall 56% said they would need a period of 5 months or more.

Reducing the use of disposable bags, and setting a price to encourage the repeated re-use of bags for life, are important steps in changing shoppers' behaviour. Having a set price for a bag for life should extend the habit that many Islanders already have, of re-using their bags. Many people do it when they go to a supermarket, the next step is for them to re-use them all the time.

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Jersey's Infrastructure Minister

Members of the States Assembly voted to ban the sale of single-use plastic bags in June 2020, with draft legislation still yet to be put forward.

Responses to the consultation will be used to shape legislation which will be put to the States for debate later this year.