Jersey's new-look 'climate stripes' mural revealed after makeover

Jersey's new-look climate stripes have been revealed to the public for the first time since being re-painted.

The piece of public art, located at St Helier's waterfront, was vandalised during the Christmas period of 2020.

Through painstaking work, artist Ian Rolls has updated the design of the mural with different ways islanders can help shrink the island's carbon footprint.

He says he hopes the new mural will continue to motivate people to play their part in tackling the challenges of climate change.

This is the way our climate is going - superheated. For me, the most important symbol on the mural is the hourglass, meaning time is running out. I think it's very important not just to have a conversation about climate change but to actually put that into action.

Ian Rolls, artist

The mural has also been fitted with additional CCTV to deter would-be vandals in the future.