Guernsey school model review would help States make 'informed decision'

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Guernsey politician says reviewing plans for a new school model would help the States make a more informed choice on the future of secondary education in the island.

Deputy Tina Bury wants the requête on the proposals, which called for the policy to be 'paused and reviewed', to be followed through by politicians.

The 'Determining The Best Model For Secondary Education' requête is one of 135 pieces of legislation earmarked for repeal by the Policy and Resources Committee under its Government Work Plan.

The draft proposals aim to 'refocus' the Assembly by offloading legislation which has been superseded or does not match up with the mandate of current politicians since the 2020 election

Deputy Bury has put forward an amendment to the requête, saying it is the best way to prevent delays further down the line.

Deputy Bury says she also supports the idea that the Education, Sport and Culture Committee should be able to introduce other models for assessment alongside those referred to in the original requete.

A policy letter setting out plans for a model of secondary education is expected on Monday 10 May 2021.