Top tips for reducing your food waste

When food rots, it releases methane gas which is said to be 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Credit: PA Images

Islanders are being urged to reduce the amount of food they throw away as part of Action Against Food Waste Week.

What can you do to reduce your food waste?

Co-founders of SCOOP, Jersey's sustainable cooperative, India Hamilton and Kaspar Wimberley share their tips.

  • Shop with a friend

By shopping with a friend you can split larger packets of food which brings the cost down and means you're less likely to throw things away.

  • Plan your meals but be flexible

Planning means you are less likely to buy more than you need but being flexible will allow you to take advantage of offers and seasonal food.

  • You will be surprised how much of the vegetable you can eat

Washing your veg and not peeling will help to save on food waste and the peel contains lots of nutrients. You can often eat the entire vegetable, such as leek tops and cauliflower leaves which work well roasted!

  • Get to grips with food hacks

Buying a whole chicken is not only cheaper overall but is also a great way of making your own stock. By mixing water with nut butters you can make your own nut milks cheaply and efficiently.

  • Pay attention to how you store your food

Storing your food correctly will maximize its shelf life. For instance, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers and onions should never be refrigerated. Wrapping salad leaves in cotton (such as a tea towel) will help to keep it fresher and last longer.

  • Try pickling or fermenting

Many ingredients that are past their best can be pickled or fermented to last longer. For example orange peel can be boiled down with sugar to make marmalade. You could try making a Mediterranean labneh by hanging yoghurt in a cotton bag overnight.