Online fundraiser starts for Sark's new dairy

Credit: ITV Channel TV

An online fundraising campaign has launched for Sark's new dairy. Sark Dairy Trust says it needs to raise £250,000 to complete the project, having already raised around £230,000.

The money raised will go towards construction of the main dairy building, storage and refrigeration facilities and a viewing space for tourists and visitors to the island.

The Trust remains hopeful the site will be up and running by the summer, with building work well underway despite setbacks from lockdown.

The new dairy will have access to four fields, enough to comfortably accommodate a herd of 16 Guernsey cows.

Sark's former dairy closed in 2017, meaning milk, cream, butter and cheese has been imported from Guernsey ever since.

Following a worldwide search, Suffolk-based farmers Katharine and Jason Salisbury were selected to run the new dairy, but Covid-19 restrictions meant they had to delay their move to the island.