Flotilla of Jersey fishermen stage protest

A flotilla of Jersey fishing boats crowded into St Helier's harbour this morning (10 March) in protest. They want the government to ban French boats from catching scallops and whelks in local waters.

At the moment Jersey boats are unable to land those species in France due to new trade restrictions after Brexit.

The UK, and by association Jersey, is now a third country to the EU, meaning Jersey's waters are now third country waters. The EU rates all foreign waters for safety, and puts limitations on imports accordingly. The existing classification for Jersey's oyster beds may have been transferred to the deeper waters, meaning scallops would need to be purified before being let into the bloc. But fishermen say their French counterparts can land them freely.

Jersey's government has issued a statement saying ministers are working to resolve the issues

The statement adds that work is being done to establish a Border Inspection Post at Granville, and to help with any additional processing infrastructure that is needed. A meeting between Ministers and a number of Jersey fishermen is planned for next week.