New Climate Change Panel meets for first time in Jersey

A climate change emergency was first declared by the States Assembly in 2019. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A new Climate Change Assembly has met for the first time in Jersey this weekend (13-14 March).

The panel of 45 randomly selected islanders are meeting to discuss what environmental issues Jersey faces. 14 virtual meetings will take place between March and May where they will consider how the island should become carbon neutral.

The meetings have been split into four blocks with the first being held from 13-17 March.

A climate change emergency was first declared by the States Assembly in 2019, where politicians committed to make Jersey carbon neutral by 2030.

Once all 14 meetings have been conducted, the Citizens’ Assembly will come up with a set of recommendations on what actions Jersey needs to take to reach its goal by 2030. These will then be put before the government to try and help inform future policy decisions.

Schedule for Jersey's Citizens’ Assembly on climate change:

The Assembly will also hear views from the first phase of the island's Climate Conversation, where islanders are invited to submit their thoughts on climate change during a six week online forum.

The newly appointed Chair of the Assembly says she is excited to be working with her colleagues to discuss ways the island can reduce its carbon footprint.

Emelita Robbins, the news Chair Convenor of the Climate Change Assembly Credit: Emelita Robbins