How Guernsey's dairy farmers worked through the island's second lockdown

The second lockdown in Guernsey has been particularly challenging for some of the island's dairy farmers.

The thirteen farmers continue to work 365 days of the year, irrespective of Covid-19 restrictions.

The farmers introduced tighter restrictions in line with Public Health guidelines, to ensure they remained fit and healthy to continue farming.

They divided themselves into two groups so that if one group had to self-isolate, then the other group could still operate and supply Guernsey Dairy with raw milk.

Globally, farmers have seen wider challenges with shortage of supplies and materials needed for farm maintenance.

The second lockdown has also boosted demand for Guernsey diary products. Caroline Penny from Smithfield Farm is the sole producer of local yoghurt. Since she began production in 2018, demand has more than doubled over the past two years.

Guernsey Dairy has launched a new campaign 'Grass to Glass'. It focuses on raising awareness on the nutritional qualities of milk, as well as highlighting the value the dairy industry brings to the island.

Guernsey Diary hopes this campaign will show how the 'Grass to Glass' journey takes "less than 24 hours" and has a "low carbon footprint".

The Guernsey Farmers Association is "extremely supportive" of the Dairy’s marketing campaign.