More Jersey businesses to benefit from government funding

The Visitor Attractions & Events Scheme has been replaced and the Government has announced changes to who can apply. Credit: PA images/ITV Channel

More Jersey events and tourism businesses can benefit from government funding from today.

The Visitor Attractions and Events Scheme which helps companies affected by coronavirus restrictions has been replaced with an updated version of the scheme, which will enable more businesses in the industry apply.

The original scheme was set up to support Jersey’s visitor attractions and the companies that provide equipment for large scale events, but only a small number qualified to apply.

Previously only businesses with an annual turnover of more than £300,000 could apply, this has been reduced to £150,000.

Businesses that have had a 30% reduction in turnover because of restrictions can now also apply, this has been reduced from 50%.

Ministers agreed the changes after the uptake for the scheme was lower than expected.

The requirement to be registered for GST will also be removed.

The scheme will meet up to 80% of fixed business costs incurred and will be in place until April 2021.

All changes will be backdated to the start of January 2021.