Jersey's Duchess of Britanny plane sells for £1

A Jersey man has bought one of the island's most iconic planes for the grand total of £1.

Jersey Aero Club Treasurer, Matt Palmer, stepped in to save 'The Duchess of Brittany' from the scrap heap after the company that owned her collapsed.

He plans to crowdfund £50,000 to pay for the aircraft's restoration.

The plane will either be put back in the sky as a historic aircraft for events like airshows or become a static exhibit. Credit: ITV Channel
Matt Palmer from Jersey's Aero Club, bought 'The Duchess of Brittany' for just £1. Credit: ITV Channel

Matt Palmer told ITV News it would be a dream to see her fly again at Jersey's airshow but said that if this is not possible he "would like to see her placed somewhere as a static exhibit for education, information and tourism".

The former Jersey Airlines De Havilland Heron took her maiden flight in 1956, before serving in the Royal Navy as a Sea Herron for almost 30 years. After her service in the military she was eventually returned home by a team of local pilots.

The Duchess of Brittany began life as a commuter plane in Jersey in the 1950's. Credit: ITV Channel

Despite not being able to fly anytime soon, 'The Duchess of Brittany's' new owner, believes she is precious cargo nonetheless.