Traffic light system returns to allow travel between Jersey and the British Isles from 26 April

Jersey is returning to its “red amber green” border controls from 26 April to allow travel to and from elsewhere in the British Isles.

International travel, except those on the UK “banned list”, will resume on 17 May.

All travellers will undergo Covid-19 tests on the day they arrive into Jersey, again on day five, and then on day 10.

  • Arrivals from green areas will quarantine until the result of their arrival test.

  • Arrivals from amber areas will quarantine until the result of their second test on day five.

  • Arrivals from red areas will quarantine until the result of their third test. on day ten.

Anyone whose test result is positive will have to isolate for 14 days.

Currently, of the 381 regions across the British Isles, 18% are green, 50% amber, and 32% red. Classifications will be updated weekly.

They are measured based on the number of cases of coronavirus per 100,000 people over the past 14 days in each region. Below 50 is green, while over 120 is red.

Ministers have agreed to reintroduce the previously used level of regional breakdown across the UK. Credit: Government of Jersey

The map on the left shows the current travel classification, where all regions are classified red. 

The image on the right shows a current snapshot of how regions would be classified if the Safer Travel regime were already in operation.  

Travellers will be given pre-departure information about the rules that exist in Jersey, such as the wearing of masks and social distancing. The exact way that is done is yet to be decided.

Officials and ministers are continuing to look at so-called “vaccine passports”, and conversations between the governments of Jersey and Guernsey are still discussing the possibility of an ‘air bridge’ to allow free travel between the two islands.