Meteor spotted over Channel Islands likely cause of sonic boom heard in UK

Credit: Simon Proud

A meteor spotted above the Channel Islands is the likely cause of a sonic boom heard across parts of the UK, according to the UK Meteor Observation Network.

People in Jersey and Brittany say they saw a streak of white light dropping through the skies yesterday afternoon (Saturday 20 March) - which was captured on a dashcam.

It came at a similar time that people in England reported hearing a loud boom ring out over the south coast and as far inland as Somerset.

Experts say it is very likely that the two events are linked.

This photograph, snapped by nine-year-old Kitty, captured the moment the meteor win the skies over the north coast of Jersey.

Nine-year-old Kitty caught this picture of the meteor, which is visible in the far left of the image. Credit: Kitty, aged 9

ITV News has also heard reports that the rock appeared to break up into fragments before disappearing.