Councillors reject plans to extend Southampton Airport runway

Bosses at the airport say not extending the runway puts the business in jeopardy and could lead to its closure. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Councillors on Eastleigh Borough Council have rejected plans to extend the runway at Southampton Airport.

The eight members of the Local Area Committee voted five to three against an extension.

Now the matter will be referred to the full council after being described as a "matter of borough-wide significance." That meeting will take place on Thursday 8 April.

Bosses at the airport say not extending the runway puts its future in jeopardy and could ultimately lead to its closure. They want to lengthen the runway by 164 metres.

There have been renewed calls from people in the Channel Islands to extend the runway with it offering a lifeline service to the mainland. The States of Alderney is one of those voices, with politicians writing to the council about the benefits of the airport to the local economy.

It is also raising concerns for people travelling from the Channel Islands who go to Southampton Hospital for specialised treatment.