Guernsey businesses reminded to submit March's payroll co-funding claims on 1 April

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Businesses in Guernsey looking to claim for financial support through the payroll co-funding scheme are being reminded that they can submit claims for the month of March from Thursday (1 April).

Those that are eligible can now submit their claim online.

The Business Support team says it will work through as many claims as possible on Thursday (1 April) but warns that due to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, some claims may not be processed until Tuesday 6 April.

Guernsey moved into Stage 2 of its exit from lockdown on 8 March and then into Stage 3 on 22 March. The States says due to the speed of exit from lockdown, the "vast majority" of businesses submitting a claim for March will only be eligible for part of the month.

The States is reminding businesses to check the eligibility period for their sector before submitting their payroll co-funding claim.

Questions about the criteria for support, or how to apply, can be sent via email to or by calling 01481 743803 on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.