Jersey's Nightingale Hospital decommissioned

Jersey Nightingale beds
Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's Nightingale Hospital has been decommissioned.

The government's scientific advisory group STAC says the 180-bed facility at Millbrook does not need to remain in place any longer.

It follows the rollout of the island's coronavirus vaccination programme and increased resilience for Jersey's General Hospital to support patients who need an oxygen supply.

Jersey's Chief Nurse has praised the contributions of healthcare staff over the past 12 months as the sector adapted to deal with the pandemic.

More than £11 million has been spent on the facility so far, although it has seen no patients come through its doors since it was completed in May 2020. In February 2021, funding for the site was extended until the summer.

The government says work to clear the contents of the facility will begin 'soon', with dismantling work starting shortly afterwards. The land will then be returned to its previous use as a playing field.

More information will be sent to local residents living in the vicinity of the Nightingale Wing. Some have told ITV News they have had to endure 'horrendous' noise while the wing has been in operation.