Jersey's pubs to reopen fully as restrictions relax

Jersey's pubs will be able to reopen fully on Good Friday (2 April), serving drinks without the need to order a meal.

It comes as the government confirmed an updated 'roadmap' towards lifting coronavirus restrictions on the island.

Following consultation with scientific advisors, ministers say they are confident it is safe to bring forward previously announced dates for suspending social distancing requirements and reopening sections of the island's economy.

The government says it has taken the decision to accelerate its reconnection plans due to low levels of Covid-19 in the community, the island's testing and contact tracing systems and the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

The latest figures on active cases and vaccination implementation show that we can now afford to bring forward the relaxation of restrictions and look forward to further reconnection with confidence. We will, however, remain vigilant and I would urge Islanders to continue to play their part by following the remaining guidance.

Senator John Le Fondré, Jersey's Chief Minister

However, ministers warn that the dates could be moved back again if circumstances change.

Under the plans, mask wearing would still be required in indoor public places

Interim Stage 4 - from Friday 2 April (Good Friday)

  • Table service in bars and pubs can resume, with alcoholic drinks able to be consumed without a meal.

  • Customers must eat and drink at a table but do not need to order or pay at the table.

  • Food and drink must be ordered by 11pm, with closing times for establishments set at 11.30pm.

  • No time limits will apply to dining or drinking.

  • Face coverings will still be required apart from when seated at a table.

  • The maximum number of people allowed to sit together in a pub or restaurant will remain capped at ten people and 2m social distancing or screens will be needed between adjacent tables.

Pubs will be able to serve drinks without food from Good Friday (Friday 2 April) Credit: PA

Stage 5 - from Monday 12 April

  • Physical distancing measures will be replaced with guidance

  • The guidance to work from home will be lifted

  • Limits on controlled indoor gatherings taking place within venues - such as weddings, wakes or theatres - will be suspended, though masks should be worn indoors.

  • Up to 20 people can attend informal gatherings can take place in peoples homes, gardens or public places (e.g. beaches)

  • Limits lifted on the number of spectators or participants allowed to attend sporting events, but masks should be worn indoors.

Monday 26 April

  • Non-essential travel can take place between Jersey and the UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey

Social distancing rules will become guidance on Monday 12 April. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Stage 6 - Monday 10 May

  • Standing alcoholic drinks service is allowed to resume in bars and pubs.

  • Saunas and Jacuzzis can reopen

  • Masks will still be required in indoor places

No earlier than Saturday 17 May

  • Travel resumes to other jurisdictions, except those on the UK's 'red list'.

Stage 7 - Monday 14 June

  • No limits on the number of people allowed in homes and gardens.

  • Nightclubs are able to fully reopen

  • Indoor and outdoor events, including festivals, are able to take place provided a risk assessment is carried out and the number of cases remains low.

The news of restrictions easing for bars and pubs has been welcomed by Jersey Hospitality Association

The JHA are delighted ministers have made the decision to bring forward the timeline for re-opening on the understanding that the risks to the island have dramatically reduced. While we’re disappointed not to reduce the distancing requirements down to 2 metres at this stage, it’s good to know that we’ll soon be able to operate at a more normal level.

Simon Soar, Chief Executive of the Jersey Hospitality Association