33m long crane boat arrives to begin work on Jersey's Elizabeth Marina storm gate

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A large crane boat has arrived in Jersey to inspect the storm gate at Elizabeth Marina.

The Antigoon vessel arrived into the island's waters earlier than planned to begin work on the structure, which was damaged after part of the mechanism failed in November 2018.

A team from Belgian firm Herbosch-Kiere will remove the storm gate and transport it to the New North Quay where it will be cleaned and inspected.

Specialist divers will then carry out a structural survey on the gate to determine if it needs to be replaced, or if it can be repaired. In either case, the storm gate would not be reinstalled until later in 2021 after the peak boating period has passed.

The harbourmaster says there will be some unavoidable disruption to normal operations but that they are working alongside boat users to ensure it is kept to a minimum.

Some areas of the promenade around the marina will also be closed while the work is carried out.

Ports of Jersey says it has worked alongside the Government to make sure all safety protocols are followed.

Staff working on the project are being PCR tested on arrival and throughout their stay. They will also be working and living in isolation in purpose-built compounds away from members of the public.