Job losses confirmed as Jersey Post takes over deliveries of Jersey Evening Post

Credit: PA

Job losses have been confirmed after news that Jersey Post will deliver the Jersey Evening Post newspaper.

From 5 April, the newspapers entire distribution operation will be run by Jersey Post.

The company has taken responsibility for retail deliveries of the newspaper, which was previously fulfilled by Jersey Distribution - the distribution arm of JEP media - when it moved its warehouse operation to Jersey Post's premises at Rue des Pres trading estate in December 2020.

It has not been confirmed how many jobs will go as a result of the decision.

Jersey Evening Post's managing director says the move makes environmental and economic sense as the company's delivery drivers would often bump into Jersey Post staff on their rounds. However, he said the loss of jobs was 'regrettable'.

Impacted staff will be interviewed for roles with Jersey Post.

The move will also mean many islanders will receive their copy of the newspaper later than previously, though the company says it will work to minimise this.